English Bulldog Lifespan || How Long Do Bulldogs Live?

english bulldog lifespan

When we are looking to buy a dog then most people go for a bulldog. Bulldog is a very popular and cute dog. Also they are very attractive and very expensive. So, whoever will go to buy he needs to know all the information like bulldog price and also how long do bulldogs live. 

This is a very common question before bringing a bulldog. Well, on an average English Bulldogs live between 8-10 years. If you care for the dog correctly, some bulldogs can live up to 10 to 12 years. In some rare cases, some may even reach up to 18 years of age.


In this article I will inform you of some common question’s answer about the lifespan of bulldog. I will inform you What Do Most Bulldogs Die From? Bulldog health issues that shorten their lifespans? Signs Your Bulldog Is Dying? What nutrients will make your bulldog live longer? Keep Reading to know about the lifespan of a bulldog.




What is the Average Bulldog Life Expectancy?


english bulldog lifespan


There are different kinds of bulldog. They are English bulldog, french bulldog, american bulldog etc. Bulldog breeds come with different health issues and different sizes because of their breeding histories. Compared to other dogs, the lifespan of a bulldog is short. 


The Average Bulldog Life Expectancy

English bulldog                                   8-10 years 

French bulldog                                   10 -12 years

American bulldog                                10 – 15 years








How Long Do English Bulldogs Live?


how long do bulldogs live


Compared to any other breed, the English Bulldog lifespan is short. Several studies were found about their longbility. This is very sad that the average English Bulldog lifespan is not very long.

According to a study by the UK Kennel Club and British Small Animal Veterinary Association found that the average lifespan for the English Bulldog was only 8.25 years. There was also one study done in 2013 reported that the average lifespan of English Bulldogs is 8.4 years.

There is also one study done in 2010 that reported a  slightly different average for the English Bulldog lifespan. In this study, they found that the average lifespan of an English Bulldog is  6.29 years.







French Bulldog Life Expectancy


how long do bulldogs live

If you want to adopt a french bulldog, you need to know the lifespan of a french bulldog. The lifespan of a french bulldog depends on some factors, including  diet, genetics, quality of care, and exercise habits.  

According to a study by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the average lifespan of a french bulldog is 10-12 years. Also there are some studies found about the  Micro French Bulldog and Mini French Bulldog lifespan. According to the study  the  Micro French Bulldog and Mini French Bulldog lifespan might be slightly longer, between 12-16 years. As with any dog breed, if you care for them rightly, the lifespan can be longer.








How Long Do American Bulldogs Live?


American bulldogs are active and this helps them to live long and healthy lives. But they are also prone to overeating and having over food they become overweight, which causes health problems. 

A study was found that the American Bulldog is a healthy breed with a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. They tend to be physically strong, active and robust.


Just make sure that they maintain a proper diet. If you do not allow your american bulldog to indulge and let him exercise enough, your bulldog will definitely live long and will lead a healthy life. 






Why Is a Bulldog’s Lifespan Short?


Because of health issues the english and the french bulldog’s lifespan is shorter. These former bull-baiting working dogs went under extreme selective breeding to become better companion dogs. Unfortunately, the French bulldogs and English bulldogs are highly prone to health issues.

The heart of English bulldogs are constantly working to support their large, but stocky frame. Because their hearts work harder than healthier breeds and so that  English bulldogs’ lifespans are short.

They died from many different diseases like Allergy, Mast cell tumor, Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome etc. 








 What Do Most Bulldogs Die From?


One study proved of 180 English Bulldog deaths highlighted the top causes of deaths: 

  • Cardiac Event 20.0%
  • Cancer 18.3%
  • Old Age 8.9%
  • Cerebral Vascular 4.4%
  • Perioperative 4.4%
  • Respiratory 4.4%
  • Other 57.6%

Of the 8.9% about 16 bulldogs who died of old age and the study found that they were around 10 – 11 years of age. Most kennel clubs say that the average bulldog lifespan is 8-10 years. The bulldog who lives 11-12 years is one lucky dog!








Bulldog Health Issues That Shorten Their Lifespans


french bulldog price


Bulldogs health issues are a very major reason behind their short lifespan. Let’s take a look at which health problems will make their life short.



Breathing problems

Difficulty of breathing is the main problem behind their short lifespan. The anatomy of their face, squished muzzle leads to several breathing problems. Due to the pinched nostrils, it is hard for bulldogs to breathe in a sufficient amount of air. 




Heart Disease

Both younger and older  Bulldogs can die from heart disease. But, if this heart disease is caught early, it can often be managed with medication. If this disease cought yearly and if your dog takes proper medicine it is possible for your dog to live longer. 

Regular dental care and weight management will go a long way toward preventing heart disease. 

There are some signs of heart disease and this are loss of appetite, a lack of interest in exercise, breathing difficulties, and coughing. Instantly talk to your vet if you notice these signs of heart disease in your pet. Also you can go for diagnostic heart testing. 




Dental issues

Without the right dental care, your bulldog can catch mouth infections.  As English bulldogs have short, wide heads and small mouths, English bulldogs are even more prone to dental problems. Bulldogs teeth are overcrowded and squished in very tightly, often leading to gum problems and pain.

So, my advice is to brush your bulldog’s teeth at least two or three  times a week to reduce the risk of dental health problems. Dental neglect can even reduce their lifespan by 1-3 years. and even lead to kidney damage or liver problems.




Bladder And Kidney Stones

Bulldogs have a higher risk of developing kidney stones or bladder. This is very common for female dogs. It can be painful and may turn into a serious, life-threatening condition if you don’t take action. 

You can treat stones with non-surgical, diet or surgical intervention. A good and healthy diet is needed if they have had stones in the past. 



Other health problems

Hip dysplasia, Heat strokes, Brachycephalic Syndrome, Laryngeal Paralysis and where the hip joint doesn’t function right leading to lameness or arthritis, is a major hereditary condition in English bulldogs. 

Also several dermatological issues like hair loss and lesions are caused by their wrinkled skin. Due to the loose skin folds around their adorable eyes, they are at risk of vision problems. 








Signs Your Bulldog Is Dying


french bulldog price


There are some signs which will tell you that your bulldogs are going to die. Here are some signs that your bulldogs are dying.


Completely Loss of Appetite

When a bulldog is in the path of dying, he will completely lose interest in eating or drinking. Normally when a bulldog eats anything, he most often will not keep it down. This is a major sign and true with most animals when they are dying. Do not force him to eat, just continue to offer small portions of fresh food.



Extreme Fatigue

Yes, we all know bulldogs like to lounge and bulldogs are active but at the end stage of an English bulldog’s lifespan, they have no interest in their usual favorite activities. They will only get up to eat and relieve themselves before dying. 




If you notice, your bulldog is howling and understands that your bulldog is in the stage of dying. Dogs in the stage of dying may also cry or howl. If your bulldog is constantly howling, they are most likely in pain and in the stage of dying. At the stage of your English bulldog’s lifespan, discuss with your vet to see if they have any treatment options to keep them comfortable.



Vomiting can be a sign of the stage of dying or any other illnesses. Those bulldogs who  are terminal, the digestive system shuts down and the undigested food makes the bulldog nauseous and uneasy.








How to Extend The Life Expectancy Of a Bulldog


There are some tips to extend the life expectancy of your bulldog. Here is those tips: 


Healthy Diet

Healthy diet can extend your bulldog’s lifespan. Bulldog’s leisurely nature leads to obesity. Discuss your vet about proper portions for your bulldog and limit their treats. Feed your bulldog right and healthy formulated food for bulldogs for optimal health. 



Exercise Regularly

Daily exercise can maintain your bulldog active. Exercise regularly is good for your bulldog’s health and it doesn’t take so much time to give your dog exercise.  Go for a walk daily with your dog about two times. Keep in mind that a bulldog is prone to feeling breathless after a lot of workouts or when under stress, so don’t make these workouts and walks too arduous for them.


Visit Vet Regularly

You need to go to the vet for their annual check up. This is very important. In a year, go for a check up 2 times. This will help you to find your bulldog’s health condition. It is also important to keep bulldogs up to date on their vaccines, such as ones that prevent hepatitis, rabies, parvovirus.


Spaying and neutering

Bulldogs need spay and neuter.  Spaying and neutering reduces the risk of ovarian, testicular cancer and breast for bulldogs. Getting “fixed” can significantly extend your bulldog’s lifespan and keep your bulldog live long.



Prevent respiratory problems

Because bulldogs can not handle warm weather and are very sensitive to heat. So, this is very important to keep your bulldog indoors and in a cool environment during summers. Their short squished muzzle creates breathing problems and respiratory diseases can develop which can be very dangerous for your bulldog.







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