Bulldog Pitbull Mix Breed || Cost to Buy, Pictures, Breed Info & Guide

bulldog pitbull mix

Are you a dog lover and  do you love both bulldogs and Pitbull as pets like me? I love both dogs because they are very cute and loyal. I want to buy both dogs but I don’t have enough budget. So, I researched and found an interesting thing and if you want to buy both dogs but you don’t have enough budget for buying both dogs, I have an idea for you. You can buy the completely adorable bulldog pitbull mix dog breed! This mix is commonly called a Bully pit. 

Nowadays, bulldog Pitbull mix breeds are becoming popular all over the world and people are loving this pet. Because they are friendly dogs, loyal and highly valued for their appearance. They are  fun-loving and so, Bully pit will be a great fit for your family and for your kids. They are very intelligent and strong.


In this article, I will provide you some important information about the bulldog pitbull mix. I’ll also inform you of the advantages and disadvantages  of pitbull bulldog Mix? I will also go into the cost of bulldog Pitbull mix and pitbull bulldog mix health. We will also jump to know about some important FAQ answers like, How long do French Boodles live? What is the best pitbull mix breed? Let’s jump to know about all those things.


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Basic Fact About Bulldog Pitbull Mix Breed or Bully Pit

Height                      20 – 24 inches

Weight                     60 – 120 pounds

Lifespan                   10 – 13 years

Colors                       Black, Brown, White, or mix of these colors

Cost                          Around $250 to $2,000.

Suitable for              Active families with experience training dogs

Temperament           Loyal, overprotective, intelligent, strong







What Is Bulldog Pitbull Mix Called?


The mix of cross-breeding between the Bulldog and Pitbull dog breeds is a nice and cute breed. When you mix a Bulldog with a Pitbull, you will get a mixed breed. The American Bulldog and American Pitbull  mix-breeds are called Bully pit. Bully Pits are hardworking, intelligent, loyal, and lovable. 








What Are  The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bulldog Pit bull Mix Breed?





(+) Bully Pit  are a very good family dog and they like to spend time with kids.

(+) If someone come to the door they will bark but they will quickly accept the visitors once welcomed inside.

(+) They are very energetic and strong.

(+) Bully pit is loyal, gentle, healthier, rare, strong and intelligent. 






(-) Bully Pits are not good with other animals and they likely won’t like having another animal in the home.

(-) Very hard to train a Bully Pit.








The Cost of Owning a Bulldog Pitbull Mix Breed Dog


bulldog pitbull mix


Bully pit is a very cute and strong dog breed. Bully Pit is a mixed breed dog between bulldog and Pitbull. Thus those who have general knowledge about the price range of dogs, they know how expensive it is to own a bulldog. In this present world, on an average the price range of bulldog between $1,500 to $4,000.

Pitbull are very strong dogs. Pitbull price range depends on their size, origin and color. On an average, the Pitbull price (for a pet-only puppy) is currently around $800 – $2500.


But the bulldog and pitbull mix breed or bully pit price is not big. The price range of Bully pit or bulldog pitbull mix breed is $500 and $1,000. But there are some extra costs like Adoption Fee, Food Cost , Supplies Cost ,  Vet care Cost  and other costs. Here is the average cost of owning a bulldog and pitbull mix breed :

  • Adoption Fee                 $250
  • Purchase Fee              $500 to $1000
  • Initial Medical Exam       $110
  • Spay or Neuter              $180
  • Dog Crate                     $50
  • Collar, Leash & Tags       $30
  • Training                        $140


Also the cost can be increased because the mix of cross-breeding between the Bulldog and pitbull mix breeds  have some health issues and this will increase the medical cost. But on an average, the cost of owning a bulldog and pitbull mix breed is $1200 to $1600








Pitbull Bulldog Mix Breed Health


bulldog pitbull mix


The parent dog of a Bully pit is a Bulldog and a Pitbull. So, Bully pit health depends  on their parent dog. But in that case, there are many health problems found in a bulldog. Bulldogs have some major health problems like Breathing problems, Heart Disease, Dental issues, Bladder And Kidney Stones, Hip dysplasia, Heat strokes, Brachycephalic Syndrome, Laryngeal Paralysis etc. Pitbull also has Skin Problems, Knee Complications, Hip Dysplasia, Allergies and also Thyroid Disease. 

As the parent dog’s health is not so good, the bulldog pitbull mix breed is not the healthiest dog. Bully pit or Bulldog pitbull mix breed have also some health issue and these are:

  • Skin problems
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Heart disease
  • Breathing issues








How Long Do Bulldog Pitbull Mix Breed Live?

Well, the lifespan of a Bully Pit or a bulldog pitbull mix breed is about 10-13 years. Bulldog lifespan is short and pitbull lifespan is a little bit longer. So, the bully pit lifespan is like the average dog lifespan. If you take care of your dog correctly like proper diet, proper exercise, proper training the lifespan can be increased. Time to time take your bulldog pitbull mix breed for medical check up. Everyday take your dog about 15-20 minutes walk. This will keep your dog healthy. Then wash your dog at least 1-2 times a week. Regular care makes your dog healthy and helps to increase the lifespan. 








American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Training


pitbull bulldog mix

Bully pit is a smart dog and they will learn quickly, especially with the basics of obedience and housebreaking. On their training, there has to be a strong focus on socialization. They also need leash training and barking from an early age. 


As Bully pit are smart, it will help them during training and play. You need to buy some toys and this toy will help them in training. Programs like brain training   for dogs and  Interactive dog toys  can help. 


Also if you have some budget to train your dog by a dog trainer you can do that. Even now there are some online dog trainers available. This online dog trainer can help for the step-by-step guidance on many different topics.






Do Pit bulls shed?


pitbull bulldog mix

Yes, pit bulls shed consistently and they shed year-round. Every dog shed and shedding could be normal, but it could also be a symptom of an underlying disorder which only a veterinarian can diagnose. 

Pitbull are single-coated breeds and they won’t have the “blown-coat” event that double-coated dogs experience. Also they don’t have an undercoat to shed. There are few reasons your dog begins to shed like parasites, fungal infections, allergies, sunburn. 


There are some ways to maintain a beautiful,  smooth coat of fur for your Pit Bull, even during peak shedding season. Here is the 3 most efficient and safe ways to keep your pit bull’s coat and skin healthy and these are: 


  • Pet Hair Vacuum: One of the best ways to clean up after shedding a Pit Bull Terrier is using a good old vacuum. 


  • Anti-Shed Shampoo : You can use an anti-shed shampoo, if your Pitbull sheds a lot. Remember that when you go to buy an anti shed shampoo look for a few ingredients like Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamin E , Moisturizers, Deodorizers. 


  • Brushing : Brushing is one of the most time-consuming aspects of dog-grooming and my recommendation is to use a DE Shedding brush because it is designed to gather the loose hairs before they fall from your Pit Bull’s body.








Is Pitbull Bulldog Mix Aggressive?


No, Pitbull bulldog mix breed is not aggressive with humans. If you have any idea about a Pitbull, that Pitbull is the most dangerous dog in this world. They are looking dangerous because of their strength, size, unpredictability and they are also a fighting dog. But they have a unique relationship with children. Also they are very loyal. 


As Bully pit is a mix breed of Pitbull and bulldog, it is not impossible to have this reaction. But the Pitbull bulldog mix breed is not aggressive. The American Bulldog Pitbull Mix is extremely sweet and also  they love to have fun, need plenty of attention and they are also very loyal and brave. There are times when they can be very entertaining with their antics. They can be a guard dog or excellent watchdog.






Do Pit bulls Suddenly Snap?


Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap. When your dog suddenly snaps, it can be a scary experience for you. A snap can be a warning that something is becoming intolerable to your dog and be serious when your dog snap. 


There are a lot of reasons why pit bulls are suddenly attacking or snapping without warning. The truth is,  not just pit bulls , any dog can snap  and when this happens, there is a reason behind their snapping and these are:


  • When your Pitbull is injured or experiencing some discomfort, but you are continuously trying to touch him, he may lash out.  


  • When they have an injury or some condition like dysfunction or brain tumors, it may affect your dog’s brain and this will be a reason for their aggressive behaviors like snapping.


  • When your pit bull feels that he is in danger and feels he needs to defend himself,  the pit bull is likely to snap.


  • Also they can snap at maternal instincts, anxiety, frustration, possessiveness. 






Do pit bulls fart a lot?


Yes, pit bulls fart a lot more than other breeds. There are some reasons behind why they fart a lot. This is not because they are Pitbull but also changing in diet, eating something rotten or spoiled, and those foods which are hard to digest. Also potential health problems and how your Pitbull eats are also causes. Proper diet plan, exercise, the correct way of eating and the eating habits will help to prevent your Pitbull from farting a lot


Here is some food why Pitbull fart a lot:

  • Soybeans
  • Peas
  • Beans
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Milk products
  • High-fat diets
  • Spicy foods




How to Stop Pitbull’s Farting So Much?


Proper diet , exercise and proper eating habits will help to prevent farting. Here is some way how to prevent pit bulls from farting :


  • Change Your Dog’s Diet : Don’t feed your dog those foods which will cause your dog’s gas problem. Try to feed them a natural, premium, grain-free diet.


  • Exercise Your Dog Daily : Exercise is very important for your dog’s health also. This will help your pit bulls to burn off excess energy, it will help their digestive system good and help to prevent gas from building up.


  • Give Your Dog Probiotics : Giving them a daily probiotic may help, if your dog has a sensitive stomach.  probiotics may help for healthy digestion and may relieve excess gas. 




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