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Can Dogs Eat Sardines

When we sit to have food, sometimes we share that food with our dogs. But we must know whether what we share with our dog’s is safe or not. We need to know which foods are good for our dogs. Many people asked can dogs eat sardines? Well, the answer is yes, you can. You can feed your dog sardines. But, you need to know the proper knowledge about how to feed sardines to your dogs? How much sardines should dogs eat? What type of sardines are good for dogs? The benefits of sardines

If you have all the questions on your mind then please keep with us to know all the answers. We will inform you about those answers with details.



Can Dogs Eat Sardines ?


Yes, your dog can eat sardines. Sardines are loaded with nutrients like Omega-3s, vitamins D and B12, amino acids  and coenzyme Q10.  You already know that dogs can benefit from many healthy, human grade foods we put in our diets and sardines are one of them. Simply adding a few sardines to your dog’s regular meals once a week can help develop muscles and other connective tissue, boost their immune system and increase dental health. We will discuss the benefits of feeding sardines to your dog in detail. 





5 Benefits of Feeding Sardines To Your Dogs


If you add sardines into your dog’s diet it can offer great benefits to your dog’s health.  Including sardines to your dog’s diet will give them the following health benefits:


1. Skin and Coat Health

You have probably heard of the skin and coat benefits of omega 3 fatty acids.  Sardines supply a good source of omega 3 fatty acids that can help to reduce inflammation of your dog’s skin and coat and minimize the itchiness and hot spots associated with allergies and seasonal changes. 


2. Gives Several Essential Nutrients

It contains coenzyme Q10 and taurine, which are important amino acids needed to keep your dog healthy. I have already told you that Sardines is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids too.

Sardines are packed with many minerals and vitamins. It contains vitamins B3, B6, B12, and D. Traces of calcium, copper, iodine, manganese, phosphorus can also be found in sardines.


3. Helps For Healthy Heart

Another vital nutrient you will find in sardines is Ubiquinol (or coenzyme q10). This antioxidant is present in many cells in your dog’s body, which will help to support your dog’s heart function.

It helps to prevent weakening of the immune system and supports the functioning of the heart. This is helpful for those dogs who are suffering from congenital disorders.


4. Makes The Joints Strong

The anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3 fatty acids and coenzyme Q10  help alleviate the swelling of the joints. Also, they ease the pain that often comes along with this problem.

The calcium and phosphorus in sardines support the bone and help to make the joints strong. Large dogs and senior dogs may need sardines in their diet if they are facing bone and joint problems.



5. Total Body Health

Sardines are a complete protein, that means they contain all of the essential amino acids that your dog’s body needs to be healthy. These nutrients support all functions of your dog’s body, including the digestion and the organ function.






How to Feed Sardines to Your Dog?

One small sardine contains  175 mg of omega-3 fatty acids and 25 calories. Feeding too many sardines can increase your dog’s weight and digestive issues.  They are rich, so make sure you are feeding your dog an appropriate amount and account for these extra calories in your pet’s regular feeding guidelines.

One Common question I found was, “Is it OK to feed my dog sardines every day?” On vet opinion no, it is not good to feed your dog sardines every day. Add dog food 1–2 times a week. 

If it is your first time having sardines then give a small amount of sardines to your dog. This will allow your dog’s stomach to get used to the new food.


  • If your dog’s weight  under 2.2 kilos (5 pounds): Give 2 sardines per serving
  • If your dog’s weight  under 2.7–6.8 kilos (6–15 pounds): Give 4 sardines per serving
  • If your dog’s weight  under 7.21–1.3 kilos (16–25 pounds): Give 5 sardines per serving
  • If your dog’s weight  under 11.7–22.6 kilos (26–50 pounds): Give 8 sardines per serving
  • If your dog’s weight  under 23.1 kilos (51 pounds) and more: Give 14 sardines per serving





How To Add Sardines to Your Dog’s Diet

If you decide to add sardines to your dog’s diet then the big question is how to add sardines to your dog’s diet. Well, now I will tell you how you can add sardines to your dog’s diet


  • Feeding bite-sized sardines fresh and whole is well, if you want to give your dog something to chew on for a few minutes. Remember that you might need to remove the backbone before feeding sardines.
  • Spice up your dog’s meals and the process is to add chopped-up sardines or the water from a can of sardines. This will add moisture and nutrition.
  • Add sardines to your dog’s favorite meals. They can make for the high-value treat for training and rewarding. Many of these homemade dog treats are great treats for diabetic dogs. It is easy to create grain-free, low-calorie dog snacks.





What Types of Sardines Are Good for Dogs?

Now you decided to feed your dog sardines and now a question comes which sardines should you give your dog? The best  canned sardines to give to your dog are the ones in water, with no salt added and ones that are in natural oils such as coconut oil or olive oil . Also the best is if you have fresh sardines! Sardines are soft-boned fish and for that you can feed them whole to your dog.

Many sardines are packed in olive oil. In general, olive oil is excellent for the skin of your dog and also for the fur coat of dogs, but feeding dogs sardines packed in olive oil is not recommended. Because sardines are already a high-fat food, we don’t want to be adding additional fat to the treat.






Can Puppies Eat Sardines?

You need to know if puppies can eat sardines. Well, for many vet opinions feeding sardines to puppies is not advised. Because their digestive system is still in the process of development. If you add sardines to your puppies food may cause digestive upset in puppies.

Keep in mind that your puppies also need specific nutrients for their body to grow up properly. Feeding them sardines can cause imbalance or nutrient deficiency . So, puppies need to stick with a dog food specifically formulated for them.


So, I think you got all of your questions answered in this article. If you have any questions then comment below the article. 




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